• Trident Trust Hong Kong Team Reflects on the Meaning of Success

Trident Trust Hong Kong Team Reflects on the Meaning of Success

In the last part of our Hong Kong 30th anniversary interview, members of our Hong Kong trust services team take some time to reflect on what success means to them, and how they work together to achieve it.

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A strong team spirit

A sense of team spirit is a common thread that runs through the fabric of Trident Trust Kong Hong. “Our culture is not to have superstars here, but to support each other at all times,” says Edward Gumbley, Associate Director. “When bringing in new hires, we look for people who are going to put in the effort to work as part of a team. Nobody can do everything, so the team must work together. We give this careful consideration during the hiring process, to ensure new team members will fit this profile and will work for the greater good.”

Within the Trust Services Team as a whole, there are several smaller teams operating in parallel, but with a constant stream of open communication. This model allows for the administrators and support staff with less experience to learn from more experienced colleagues, and for any issues to be raised, recognised, and resolved quickly, because it is usually not the first time they have presented themselves. 

The training never stops

As part of Trident’s practice of supporting staff and their professional growth, regular training is provided across all areas of the industry. “I joined the team after my temporary receptionist contract with the company expired,” says Emily Keung, Trust Support Officer. “Having previously worked in banking, I was familiar with Trident Trust and knew that Trident’s name was well respected within the sector. Even though I had no experience in the trust industry directly, the management team recognised my willingness to learn and to work hard, so they offered me this opportunity and gave me all the training I needed to begin my career here.”

Because of the continuously shifting regulatory landscape, training is an ongoing part of the job. “To best serve our clients, we must always stay ahead of any changes and up to date with the latest trends” says Day Wu, Manager. “We have formal training and role-play situations to help us with this, as well day-to-day personalised training session that comes from staying in constant dialogue and communication with our colleagues and managers. This way we learn, address challenges, widen our knowledge, and increase the expertise we can use to benefit our clients.”

Clients come first

The team is proud to offer a genuinely personalised service to clients so that they feel completely supported through the planning, establishment and ongoing administration of their structure. Although different teams or team members might be involved, the clients’ experience will be of a seamless and high-touch process. The key to this is communication.

“We manage clients’ expectations by keeping them informed and educating them from the onboarding phase all the way to the establishment and management of their structure,” says Francel Fullard, Senior Manager. “Even when the onboarding process has been challenging, we pride ourselves on ensuring the client stays informed. We know when to handhold, when to take a stronger line, and when to walk away entirely, communicating effectively all the time. This way we have been able to build trust and a solid foundation for our relationships – vital components in our success.”

Keeping the big picture in mind

“We are in a people business,” says Edward. “This means that we always keep the client’s bigger picture in mind. When we take on or review structures, we try to anticipate what the future may look like, taking into consideration the type of assets owned, their locations, and the personal and business circumstances of each individual and family. This way we can plan in advance and potentially avoid any hurdles down the road. We also do not provide any services that may lead to a conflict of interest for our clients, always ensuring we keep their best interests at the centre of what we do.”

Pride in what we do - as a team

It seems that the way success is measured at Trident Hong Kong is two-fold. “On one side, the satisfaction of our clients is what drives everything we do,” says Katrina Leung, Director. “On the other side, we have the way our team works together as a unit to make this happen. We have got the chemistry right, and that’s something to be truly proud of.”