• Trusting in Trident

Trusting in Trident

In this interview, our European Regional Managing Director, Mark Le Tissier, and our Malta Managing Director, Albert Cilia, discuss with Dayna Camilleri Clarke from Malta Commercial Courier the secrets of their success, overcoming challenges and paving the way forward for the industry. 

With a legacy of over 40 years, Trident Trust is a leading global corporate, fiduciary and fund administrator, employing over 900 staff across a footprint that spans Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. The forward-thinking Group remains privately owned and independent, and this year celebrates its 10th year of operations in Malta.

“As clichéd as it sounds, at the heart of Trident is a strong focus on building positive relationships, whether that’s with clients or employees. As we strive forward, it’s vital we do not lose sight of this, especially with rapid advances in technology,” begins Le Tissier, who has been working for the company for over 25 years.

Cilia, an ACCA qualified accountant by trade, echoes his sentiments. “In Malta, we have become a centre of excellence within Trident, providing support to numerous other offices globally, which isn’t a responsibility we take lightly. Our services are accredited and verified by external auditors. Yet, we remain humble and keep our values and vision aligned at all times. We have a strong, identifiable individual culture built around our core values of reliability, responsiveness, attention to detail and personal service. It’s remaining true to these values that underpins our success.”

But it’s not just corporate values at the heart of Trident; Le Tissier acknowledges such a legacy, and now a ten-year milestone in Malta could not have been achieved without the right people steering the ship. “Our ethos is very much about building long-term and long-lasting relationships. We want people to have a career at Trident, not just a job. No one is a small fish at Trident, everyone is valued, and their input is integral to our achievements as a whole.”

Developing and nurturing talent is a topic close to Cilia’s heart too. “We recognise strengths in our employees, mentor and work to help them realise their potential. We have a relatively low staff turnover, and I believe this speaks volumes.”

Over the years, the nature of the business has changed at Trident, at what was once a predominantly offshore group. “Naturally, the world of finance has changed”, explains Le Tissier. “We have learnt to evolve and adapt and keep compliance at the forefront of our work. Expectations are ever-increasing. We have invested heavily in technology to automate processes and remain a step ahead in this competitive sphere. People want the ease of accessibility now more than ever before.”

Other than the challenges presented by the industry itself, what about Malta as a destination in light of recent news?  Le Tissier explains. “I believe Malta still has a lot to offer, and we must remain agile and nimble enough to act, and not just react, but pave the way forward. Malta remains an attractive destination; its location, time zone and language, strong network of professionals, and increasingly sophisticated legislation and compliance framework are all factors sealing its future as a European business hub. Malta remains one of our fastest-growing jurisdictions in the European region; what started as just two people has now over 70 staff members. Even with Covid in the mix, it was business as usual for us." Cilia adds, “I would have to say challenges bring opportunities with them, and it’s an exciting time to be in our industry right now.”

What does the future hold for Trident? “Well, as a Group, we will remain focused on our three core pillars of corporate, trust and fund services. However, I can reveal we are branching into new asset types, particularly after thorough research and evaluation, cryptocurrency. We are also looking into expanding our work into new jurisdictions. Green Finance and the ongoing commitment to balancing social responsibilities are all on the horizon,” explains Le Tissier.

Cilia adds, “Later this year we are moving our Maltese offices to the aptly, and coincidentally named Trident Park. A fresh change will enable us to offer more potential employment growth in the coming years.”

Ten years of hard work in developing and evolving the Malta office will not go unnoticed at the Trident Group, “Celebrations are in order of course for this anniversary - Covid permitting!” concludes Le Tissier.