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    We focus exclusively on the administration of trusts, foundations, corporate entities and alternative investment funds. Our services are used by lawyers and accountants, asset managers, financial institutions, family offices and international businesses.


We have been establishing and administering corporate, fiduciary and fund entities for over 40 years, forming long-standing relationships with our clients by putting them at the heart of what we do and providing tailored services that suit their needs.

Since our founding we have grown to be one of the largest independent global providers of corporate, fiduciary and fund administration services, acquiring an unrivalled breadth and depth of knowledge, understanding and experience across our global footprint.

We develop stable and accomplished teams across jurisdictions, enabling us to offer our clients the benefits of their experience and continuity of relationship and service. The average tenure of our senior executives exceeds 15 years. We offer one of the highest levels of professional qualification in the industry.

As a privately owned and independent organisation, we offer our clients a stable, sustainable, private partnership that will not be compromised by conflicts of interest or changes in ownership.