• Trident Trust is committed to being a sustainable, people-led, and technology-enabled business

Trident Trust is committed to being a sustainable, people-led, and technology-enabled business

In his recent interview with Who's Who Malta magazine, Albert Cilia, Managing Director of our Malta office, tells readers how our commitment to a client-centric approach and a long-term vision have been helping us consistently deliver excellence to our stakeholders.

In recent years, the global landscape has experienced profound changes driven by new challenges and unforeseen events. The global pandemic coupled with war, increased international political tensions and a volatile economic environment have catalysed substantial shifts in operational costs and regulatory frameworks, and spurred on several technological advancements.

“The ability of businesses to display resilience and adaptability has been put to the test, highlighting the vital need for companies to remain agile and responsive in order to thrive amidst uncertainties,” begins Albert Cilia, Managing Director at Trident Trust Malta.

In his view, one defining trait of agile organisations is their leadership’s capacity to navigate change without adverse effects on staff and clients. “Skilful and discreet change management is essential, ensuring counterparties can continue their operations smoothly. At Trident, both locally and globally, this is one of our strengths, making sure that our Group not only weathers change effectively but emerges even stronger, with unwavering support for both employees and clients at all times,” he maintains, as the company approaches its 13th year of operations in Malta and its 46th globally, with a view to continue to leverage its extensive network and experience to facilitate change among various stakeholders in a balanced manner.

Discussing the elements that have contributed towards this continued success, Albert ascertains that first off, clients are at the heart of the operation. “The entrepreneurial spirit and culture and independent ownership of our Group enable us to deeply understand our clients’ needs and assist them in achieving their objectives. Some of our clients have been with Trident Trust for over two decades, and we've witnessed many family businesses grow and prosper, and have been proud to have contributed to their success through providing tailored support they can rely on,” he says.

This wouldn’t be possible without the capable people behind Trident Trust Malta. “Our key management team remains largely unchanged, helping foster stronger and more meaningful relationships between us and our clients. Establishing professional, collaborative, trusting relationships among key management is intrinsic to our Group’s DNA, enhancing our ability to work effectively together as a global team,” Albert notes, adding that the technology which they utilised is also a significant factor.

“Thanks to our company's size and proactive attitude, we can rapidly identify and implement new technologies. Technology plays a pivotal role in creating operational efficiencies for our clients and ensuring that our services keep up with the rapid pace of development in the global financial services industry.”

Identifying Trident Trust Malta’s independence as a core feature of their long-term success, the Managing Director goes on to state that, unlike many of their private equity owned competitors who are often driven by short-term objectives, Trident Trust Malta’s private ownership model enables the team to focus on investing in the long-term stability of the business and the quality and continuity of its services. “This is very important as we are not under the same financial pressures as other competitors may be. We are uniquely positioned to offer our clients and staff a stable relationship and work environment that will not be compromised by conflicts of interest, short-term transactional and financial priorities or changes in ownership,” he says.

This long-term approach to business development has enabled Trident Trust Malta to grow sustainably and organically over the years, by listening to clients and expanding its footprint and range of services in accordance with their requirements. “This approach, together with our focus on growing our teams through organic hiring and having all the right people sitting in all the right seats, keeps our foundations strong and weathers any storm,” Albert smiles.

Setting his sights on the future, the business leader affirms that as a Group, they remain dedicated to clients and staff with a positive long-term outlook. From a local perspective, he reveals, “we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for local financial services practitioners serving international clients. Our next step is to deepen our involvement in the local business community in Malta, leveraging our local and international experience to benefit locally owned businesses and to help them achieve their strategic goals.”

In conclusion, he says, “Trident Trust is committed to continuing to be a sustainable, people-led, and technology-enabled business, focused on delivering top class corporate, fiduciary and fund services to our global client base. We embrace unexpected challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation and are adaptable and agile. Our dedication to learning, flexibility, and resilience ensures we remain dynamic and responsive, consistently delivering excellence to our stakeholders, no matter the circumstances.”

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