• Company Formation & Migration

Company Formation & Migration

Corporate services have been at the core of our business since our inception in 1978. Almost all Trident Trust offices are able to provide company formation and administration services, offering our clients one of the widest choices of corporate domiciles in the industry.

Companies may seek to change their corporate domicile for fiscal, economic and political reasons. An increasing number of jurisdictions now permit in their corporate laws both the inbound and outbound change of corporate domicile. Our global team is experienced in the smooth migration of companies from one jurisdiction to another.

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Our Company Formation & Administration Services

TT One Stop Services

One-Stop Services

We specialise in the formation, management and ongoing administration of international companies and provide comprehensive support throughout the corporate entity life cycle, from formation, through ongoing management to eventual exit via sale or liquidation. Our core corporate services are: company incorporation; acting as registered office/agent services; provision of professional corporate directors; shareholder and company secretarial services; banking and accounting services; tax compliance services; regulatory compliance services.

TT Multi Decade Experience

Multi-Decade Experience

We have extensive experience of incorporating and administering a wide variety of corporate vehicles including limited liability partnerships, limited duration and guarantee companies, private trust companies and special purpose vehicles. The companies we administer for our clients are used for many purposes: portfolio investment, trading, property investment, patent, royalty and copyright holding, ship and aircraft ownership and financing, asset-based lending, long-term project financing, succession planning and asset protection goals.

TT Global Coverage

Global Coverage

We combine 45 years of corporate services experience, with a presence in global range of more than 20 internationally recognised corporate domiciles.

We offer corporate formation and administration services in: Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Dubai, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Jersey, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritius, Nevis, New Zealand, Panama, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, USA (all States) and the US Virgin Islands.

Our Company Redomiciliation Services

TT Advisory


Migrating a company from one jurisdiction to another is not a standardised process. Corporate entities seeking to transfer from one jurisdiction to another will be subject to differing requirements driven by the exporting and receiving jurisdictions in the process.  Our global team is experienced in working with clients and their professional advisors to determine if redomicilation is possible and what the requirements, timings and costs of the process will be. Our extensive range of corporate domiciles means we are able to assist clients seamlessly across both ends of the process.

TT Outbound


Our team in the exporting jurisdiction assists with the necessary steps to commence the process of transferring the company to another jurisdiction. Typically this will include: a resolution of the shareholders to  transfer the registered office of the company; confirming that the constitutional documents of the company permit redomiciliation; obtaining consent from the corporate registry to migrate the company to another jurisdiction; payment of any necessary government fees.

TT Inbound


Our team in the receiving jurisdiction assists with all aspects of establishing the company in its new home jurisdiction. Typically this will include: making the application to the companies registry for consent for a company to be continued into the jurisdiction; collation and submission of the wide range of required supporting documents; obtaining the certificate of continuation; providing the new registered office and attending to any statutory filings, and opening a new bank account if required; and subsequently handling the ongoing administration of the company.


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