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Hedge Funds

We offer our clients institutional support and reputation that helps them drive AUM growth. The funds we support range from small start-up vehicles to near billion dollar funds  and include traditional long/short  equity, convertible arbitrage, fixed  income, derivatives, multistrategy, event driven, emerging markets and  commodity funds.

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We plan to use Trident for every fund that we currently contemplate, or even imagine, until something adverse changes.

Global Custodian Hedge Fund Administration Survey, 2019

Trident listens to me and actively pursues solutions to any issues I raise. I appreciate their proactive stance.

Global Custodian Hedge Fund Administration Survey, 2022

Trident works hard to accommodate my timing requirements. Even through COVID they hardly missed a beat. I shadow their work, and more often than not I find it is I who made a mistake.

Global Custodian Hedge Fund Administration Survey, 2021

Great attention to detail and timely responses to questions.

Global Custodian Hedge Fund Administration Survey, 2020

Core Services

TT Fund Launches

Fund Launches

Whether their first fund, or the latest in a long line of launches, we routinely support managers in the intensive process of getting their new fund off the ground. Our services include: assisting with structuring, local regulatory applications and other fund documentation; establishing accounting policies and operational procedures; coordinating the execution of operating agreements; arranging for independent directors; and establishing fund bank accounts.

TT Fund Administration

Fund Administration

We take care of all aspects of the day-to-day administration of the fund, allowing our clients to focus on investment management and investor relations. Our services include: maintenance of principal corporate books and records; providing statutory representation; managing subscriptions, redemptions, exchanges and transfers of fund interests; statutory reporting; maintaining the register of investors; arrangements for annual audit; fund expense management; bank account administration.

TT Regulatory Services

Regulatory Services

Fund managers today face an increasingly complex set of compliance and regulatory obligations, both at an international and local level. Our range of regulatory compliance and AML-CFT services to assist investment funds and fund  managers in complying with their statutory obligations includes: FATCA and CRS entity classification, registration, account holder identification and reporting; AIFMD (Annex IV) reporting; Cayman Islands compliance services, including provision of MLRO, DMLRO and AMLCO.

TT Investor Services

Investor Services

We understand that effective investor relations are a critical pillar for any fund manager.  We provide efficient, accurate, high-touch investor services, backed by real time data transparency. Our core services include: investor onboarding and KYC; sophisticated online reporting and communication, tailored to industry standards; subscription and redemption management; investor liaison and query management.

TT Accounting


Accurate and efficient accounting that our clients can rely on is fundamental to what we do. Our services include: full turnkey fund & portfolio accounting; trading & cash activity reconciliation; recording and reporting all portfolio corporate actions; verification of portfolio pricing data and compliance with fund pricing policies; portfolio valuations and NAV calculation; financial statement preparation; dividend payments; fund manager and custodian fee calculations and payments.

TT Middle Office

Middle Office

In addition to regulatory compliance and investor reporting, we are able to provide middle office operational support.  Our services include: trade settlement services, from trade entry to market data updates; daily reconciliation of cash and security balances to prime brokers and counterparties; and reporting to support fund managers in making investment decisions.  

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