• Technology

We invest in technology to create operational efficiencies for our clients and ensure our services keep up with the rapid pace of development in the global financial services industry.

Our core fund administration technology backbone is provided by a combination of institutional grade platforms, PFS-Paxus, Advent Geneva and Allvue, which are matched to clients based on their specific requirements.


For institutional private equity and real estate ("PERE") clients we use Allvue, a class-leading specialist system that offers:

• Reporting suite tailored for PERE
• Business processes built with PERE in mind
• Tight integration with Microsoft Office Suite for faster team ramp-up & proficiency
• Customizable GP client & investor portals including self-servicing of investor information
• CRM acts as central point of information for funds and investors, including contacts, tax information, bank details and more
• Dedicated workflows for generation of documents and distribution of the same to external parties via investor portal, email or both
• Leading-edge white-label Investor and Fundraising Portals
• Waterfall Carried Interest automation capabilities
• Seamless client-centric view and drilldowns to client-facing teams
• Real time data transparency and sharing with GPs and LPs


We use PFS-PAXUS, which supports more than 10,000 funds worldwide, as our core global fund administration platform for both open-ended and closed-ended funds. PFS-PAXUS is a specialist fund accounting and fund administration system that provides a complete back-office fund accounting, portfolio valuation, fund pricing and shareholder recording-keeping solution on a single, fully integrated system that accommodates all major fund structures and asset classes, and offers multiple accounting and tax method options. 

Key features include:

• Flexible multi-currency capabilities
• Automated fee calculations across multiple fee types, such as administration, management, performance and other accruals and fund-specific fees
• Ability to accommodate different profit allocation methods across investors based on fund level allocation rules, including gross method, net method, committed capital method and fixed percent per period
• Single push-button procedure for NAV calculation
• Over 200+ reports available with multiple parameters and options for each, as well as the possibility to create user defined reports.
• Regulatory reporting, including Annex IV, FATCA, CRS and ERISA.

PFS-PAXUS also provides a client web portal called PFS-Connect, which is a real-time 24/7 web portal that enables fund managers, investors and other authorised third parties to access their information online. PFS-CONNECT communicates directly with the PFS-PAXUS database providing users with access to the latest available information including a dashboard, fund data, portfolio analysis, documents, graphs and much more.

Advent Geneva

For open-ended fund clients that have complex market-driven requirements that cannot be met by PFS-Paxus, we use Advent Geneva to simplify investor and portfolio accounting in one integrated solution including the following:

• Native support for a broad set of asset classes including equities, fixed income, funds (open-ended & closed-ended), futures, forwards, bank debt, loans, digital currencies, contract for difference, repurchase agreements, rights, warrants, swaps and options
• Interfacing with over 900+ existing global connections to facilitate trade/non-trade transactions, security master, pricing, foreign currency, capitalization factors, corporate actions and swap resets
• Comprehensive and flexible report library
• Multi-tiered global fund structures, including master-feeders, SPVs, AIVs, blockers, mini-masters and more
• Investor accounting for onshore, offshore, private equity, hybrid funds and single managed accounts
• Fully automated income allocations to investors including the ability to handle a wide-ranging spectrum of incentive fee and management fee arrangements