Are You Considering Changing Your BVI Registered Agent? - May 2020

Our BVI office has been fully operational through the challenges caused by COVID-19, with our 90 staff working remotely to deliver business as usual. Our team is on hand to assist clients experiencing service disruption with other providers of BVI corporate services that they may use.

Financial Assistance for Company Transfers

Transferring existing BVI companies to the administration of Trident Trust is a swift and efficient process, led by a dedicated team. We also offer to assist clients with covering the costs of transferring existing BVI companies to Trident Trust, by crediting those costs against our future fees (terms and conditions apply).

If you are considering changing registered agent in the BVI, then please contact any of our team below to discuss how we may assist you and the key provisions of our incentives package for the transfer of companies to our administration.

Christina Economou
Business Development Director, Cyprus
T: +357 258 20 650

Warren Luyt
Managing Director, Dubai
T: +971 4 423 9988

Pheona Siu
Director - Accounting & Corporate Services, Hong Kong
T: +852 2805 2000

Marilyn See
Director – Business Development, Singapore
T: +65 6653 1800

Gavin Lief
Managing Director, United Kingdom
T: +44 20 7487 0460

Lourdes Segovia
Senior Vice-President - Latin America, United States / Atlanta
T: +1 404 233 5275

Mario Novello
President, United States / New York
T: +1 212 840 8280

Sandra Louw
Managing Director, Switzerland
T: +41 44 396 1080