Navigating Crypto's Evolution: Reflections on a Transformative Year and What Lies Ahead - September 2023

Crypto has experienced an eventful 12 months or so, to say the least. In a year that saw the demise of numerous crypto currencies, funds and exchanges, culminating in FTX’s collapse, many observers have questioned the future of the industry, particularly with potential regulatory action on the horizon in the USA.

However, new digital asset managers are still coming to market, investments in blockchain technology continue to be made and the rapid rise of AI is posing some interesting questions about the intersection of AI and crypto, and what that might mean for the development and use of digital currencies in the future.

We asked four of our digital assets experts, Dan Smith, Karine Seguin, Aaron Sammut and David Mungall, to take stock of the market, and give their opinions on the impact of the events of the last year and what lies ahead for the digital asset industry.

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