• Loan Agency Services

    We provide independent loan agency services to a wide range of participants in the private debt market. From bilateral loans, to club deals and syndicated funding, we provide experienced hands-on support to lenders, borrowers and other financial parties to debt transactions.

How We Work

Through our director-led approach, experienced team and multi-jurisdictional presence, we provide a one-stop shop service that can be tailored to even the most complex deals and detailed requirements. To learn more about how we may help you, please download our Loan Agency Services Overview or contact:

Mahen B Surnam
Director – Private Debt and Loan Agency
E: msurnam@tridenttrust.com
T: +44 20 7935 1503 (ext 120)

Support We Can Provide

Typically we fulfil one or more of the following roles for our clients:

  • Facility Agent
  • Security Agent
  • Note Trustee
  • Successor Agent
  • Loan Administration

Our Loan Agency Services

  • In-house documentation review, negotiation and execution of transactional documentation
  • Seamless onboarding to ensure a smooth closing
  • Rate setting notifications
  • Agreeing waterfall of payment and movement of funds
  • Arranging consent and deal waiver requests
  • Administering the transaction throughout its life cycle
  • Assisting in enforcement situations

Our Security Agent Services

  • Provision of an independent security agent/trustee to act in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement
  • Holding security for the benefit of the lenders
  • Review or release of existing securities when required during amendments
  • Maintenance of a Security Register, and storage of share certificates (if required)
  • If instructed by the lending parties, enforce the designated security in accordance with the terms of the security agreements

Why Use an Independent Agent?

Benefits of appointing an independent agent include:

Cost Efficiency
An independent agent already has the necessary systems and experienced qualified professionals in place. Carrying out these functions in-house can lead to a high cost per loan.

With the management of the lifecycle of the transaction outsourced, there is no need for lenders to deploy resources in this area, allowing them to concentrate on other more important aspects of their business such as investor relations and deal sourcing.

An independent agent has no financial or commercial interest in the loan transaction and as such can act freely and in accordance with the loan documentation. Where there are several lenders involved, the agent will provide the same level of service irrespective of the funding commitment.

With securities held in the name of the agent, if one of the lenders decides to transfer its exposure to another lender there will be no need to register the securities again, which can be administratively burdensome and expensive.

The security agent has a crucial role to play in the event of the borrower defaulting. They will help in sending out the various legal notices, appointment of receivers and the full knowledge of the transaction could help the various parties during this period.