• United States / Atlanta

Trident Trust has had a presence in Atlanta since 1984. Our 100-strong Atlanta team is divided between two operating businesses: one providing marketing and client liaison services to Latin American clients and the other providing fund administration services to U.S. based managers.

Trident Corporate Services Inc., is a marketing and client liaison office for the Group and is also home to the Group’s Latin American and Brazil client service teams. The teams assist Latin American focused intermediaries in both North and South America who use the Group’s services around the world. Trident Atlanta's international team speaks Afrikaans, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Trident Fund Services Inc., provides a full range of fund accounting and administration services, predominantly to Delaware funds and Cayman/Delaware master/feeder structures, but also to funds domiciled in other jurisdictions such as the Bahamas and the BVI.