Marcum Alternative Investment Manager Forum - October 2017

If you are attending the Marcum Alternative Investment Manager Forum in New York on 1 November, look out for our team at the event: Lizzie Heil, David Madden and Vetrece Martin.

Please contact Lizzie, David or Vetrece to arrange a meeting.

The 2017 Marcum Alternative Investment Manager Forum is designed to educate fund managers on the verge of SEC registration about how to institutionalize their businesses and attract investors. The agenda includes expert panels moderated by industry leaders, with a focus on educating managers about formalizing their processes and properly structuring their operations.

If you are interested in attending the Forum, it's not too late to register. Fund managers can save 10% on the cost of attending by inserting the code "Trident10" in the note field at the bottom of the online registration form.